Minstemann’s X-game


Født/born 13.06.2013

INT NORD RO FI NL UCH WW-14 Minstemann's Fantasy From Thorn NO33142/10

US CA CH Grandgables Wee Mr Red Thorn CKCTQ179407

CA CH Grandgables Reddy Steady Go Ms CKCMS825694

Packer's Black Tie-Ms AKCSBHM482555/01

CA CH Grandgables Go Go Gabriella CKCKS679918

CH Rosan Hill Rose Of Sharon Ms AKCSB1081735

CH Grandgables Tie Dyed Tuxedo AKCSB1069073

Rosan Hill State Of Grace Ms AKCSBHM72131105

Grandgables Ms Shock A Lot CKCUJ224791

CH Admindac's Night Train Ms Cgn CKCRJ052063

CH Pawprints Harley D Edition CKCKY758960

Admindac's Just About Done Ms CKCNS909515

Egerland's Chocolate Surprize CKCRC994812

CG Grandgables Rosan Hill Caesar CKCNN902611

Egerland's Out Of Africa Ms CKCMQ824407

INT NORD UCH Grandgables Ms Full Of Flare CKCSBUE213258

CH Grandgables Zebra Crossing CKCSBSS109875

CH Grandgables Bengal Tiger CKCSBNN877680

Grandgables Reddy Steady Og CKCSBMS825694

Grandgables Phancy Tigress AKCSB1080116

CH Grandgables All Over Tan CKCSBMQ818301

Grandgables Blond Beachboy CKCSBLA717265

Packer's Ruby Red Dress AKCSB1073900

CH Grandgables Simply Saucy CKCSBNY907769

CH Garthorne Mr Bean For Grandgables AKCSB1067249

Pipersvale Pina-Colada 1204BQ

Garthorne Summer Special 3339BX

Simply Serena AKCSB1080594

Pawprints Packer's Red Alert CKCSBKG708637

Packer's Sister-Sister CKCSBHAM76519401