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Welcome to our website.


We breed miniature smoothhair and kaninchen smoothhair dachshunds.


On our site youíll find information about our dogs, puppies, puppy plans, and other information about our dogs.


A lot of our dogs are imported, by us, from Netherland, Canada, England, Finland, Russia and Sweden.


We started in 2005, and have gradually built a good base of dachshunds that has been appreciated Norway and abroad.


Our first liter was born August 2008, and sins then we have a few litters every year. Our planned litters youíll find on our puppy plans site.

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Int (C.I.B) BISS

Nord, N, SE, DK, FI, RO, NL UCH,

WW-14, NV-11,-12,-13,-14,-15, SeV-13, NordW-14, FiW-15, DkW-15

Minstemannís Fantasy From Thorn

Results on Minstemannís dogs so far:

Our own dogs:


12 C.I.B

15 Nordic Champions

26 Norwegian Champions

21 Swedish Champions

18 Danish Champions

3 Finnish Champions

4 Romanian Champions

2 Romanian Grand Campions

1 Dutch Champions


1 World Winner

1 Euro winner

1 Junior Euro Winner

13 Norwegian Winners

7 Swedish Winners

9 Nordic Winners

4 Danish Winners

1 Helsinki Winners

2 Amsterdam Winners

5 Norwegian Junior winners

5 Nordic Junior winners

3 Swedish Junior winners

3 Danish Junior winners

Best Bitch French Championship in Paris




1 BIS 3 IDS progeny group

1 BIS IDS Breeders group

2 BIS3 IDS Breeders group

1 BIS4 IDS Breeders group


15 HP breeders group


2 HP Progeny group